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Authoring lessons

The authoring tools give you the flexibility to create your own learning material for use in {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150 Learning Application{{/rr5}}. Instructors can use these features to make unique lessons for their classes{{#rr5}} or Cohorts{{/rr5}}, while others may want to make fun lessons for their own purposes.

Note: The authoring tools may not be available for all versions of the program.{{^web}} Authoring is best done on a computer, not a mobile device.{{/web}}

To start the process of authoring a lesson:

  1. {{#web}}Click{{/web}}{{^web}}Tap{{/web}} Authoring in the navigation bar at the top of the screen to see the Authoring menu.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. See the online help for the authoring tool you chose for details on how to use it.

At any time, you can also{{#phone}} tap Notifications to see your notifications, tap Goal to see your goal progress, or tap Menu and{{/phone}} do any of the following:

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